SigHealth Platform receives clearance from Anvisa

October 10th 2016, Campina Grande – The SigHealth Platform and its models SigHealth-ONE and SigHealth-PRO receives its registry and clearance from Anvisa (Brazillian Health Regulatory Agency) with risk classification level III.

This registry highlights Signove pioneering in the Patient Remote Monitoring field in Brazil as one of the firsts to receive this type of clearance from Anvisa. Also, this process shows Signove commitment with regulatory process in Brazil.

This registry shows all quality and care with safety process in the development and deployment of SigHealth products and services.

SigHealth Platform. Anvisa registry: 10390410076.


About Anvisa:

Anvisa is the Brazillian Health Regulatory Agency (Anvisa) which was created by Law 9782, enacted in 1999. Anvisa’s primary goal is to protect and promote public health, by exercising health surveillance over products and services, including processes, ingredients and technologies that pose any health risks.