SigHealth Platform

SigHealth is a platform for remote user health monitoring and data management. It enables user homecare by using wireless Personal Health Devices and seamless, automatic data synchronization with a safe and secure Internet Cloud Server.

SigHealth Platform is composed by 3 main modules: Internet Server Cloud, Care Program Applications and Personal Health Aggregators.


Care Program Applications and the Internet Cloud Server

SigHealth Internet Server Cloud allows securely and privately storing user data, and making user information available for family and health professionals.

AAA – Authentication, Authorization and Accounting

Security and Privacy

Streaming Data Server

3rd Party Integration

Fault Tolerance

Data Backup

SigHealth also offers web services for Care Program Applications including:

Services for Care Program Applications

Patient state evolution management

Account management

Device management

Notification System

Event and Agenda System

Appointment management

Health Data Aggregators

Health Data Aggregators (HDA) is a platform-specific manager of user health data, responsible for personal health data gathering and data transferring to the Internet Server Cloud.

A Health Data Aggregator is composed by:

HDA Functionalities

IEEE 11073 support from Antidote Library.

Continua Health Alliance compliance, including IHE PCD-01 and HL7 support.

Transcoding of non-standard Personal Health Devices through proprietary technology.

Bluetooth, Bluetooth Smart, Ethernet, Wi-Fi and USB support.

Nowadays, SigHealth supports over 30 different models of devices.
SigHealth supports the following types of devices: Weighing Scales, Glucometers, Oximeters, Thermometers, Blood Pressure Monitors, Activity Monitors, Heart Rate Monitors, Holters (ECG), Multi-parameter Monitors, and connected Infusion Pumps.

Signove’s Android Reference System is the first complete Application Host Device certified by Continua Health Alliance in the World

Using SigHealth Platform you can…

…anticipate decisions for better care of patients.

…develop remote and intra-hospital services.

…link patient data with diverse factors, such as their location and environment using the Internet of Things.

We offer solutions for diverse sectors, such as Hospitals, Clinics, Health Insurance Companies and more. Contact us!

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