With its customizable and flexible architecture, SigHealth platform allows the development of different models, including the SigHealth-One.

The SigHealth-One allows patients to take care of their health by making use of technology. With SigHealth-One, you can use your Personal Health Devices for remote monitoring and share of your historical data with health professionals and your family.

The SigHealth-One was designed to enable chronic patients to be monitored and share their evolution with health professionals.



Patients, Physicians, Health Professionals and Administrators.



Web, Android and iOS


Supported devices:

• Weight Scales.
• Oximeters.
• Glucometers.
• Thermometers.
• Blood Pressure Monitors.
• Activity Monitors.
• Heart Rate Monitors.


Services and Functionality:

Custom Internet Portal: a set of platform services can be chosen for each partner.
Applications for physicians and patients: patients can monitor their progress via Internet Portal, and physicians can create health monitoring programs for each patient.
Account management: definition of access policies for each type of user. Ex .: A physician can only access the group of patients assigned for him.
Patient evolution management: services to monitor and create health programs for patients. These services include definition of thresholds used to generate alerts for health professionals. Also, it is possible to include medical notes for each patient.
Appointment management: services to schedule appointment orders.
Notification system: automatic notification for users and health professionals when alerts occur.
Event system: services to manage events in users’ calendar.

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