With a flexible architecture, SigHealth platform allows the development of different applications and models, like SigHealth-PRO.

SigHealth-PRO was developed to fulfill the needs of clinics, hospitals and home care companies. It was designed to make health data gathering from multiple patients fast and easy. It also allows remote monitoring, which enables a patient to have clinical care anywhere. Events and communication between patients and health care providers were also integrated.

Besides automated data gathering with personal medical devices, SigHealth-PRO enables the use of multi-parameters monitors, like LIFETouch10, also allowing remote monitoring.

With SigHealth PRO, the doctor can see patient’s health data both inside and outside of the hospital.



Doctors, Health care professionals and Administrators.



Web, Android and iOS


Supported devices:

• Weight Scales.
• Oximeters.
• Glucometers.
• Thermometers.
• Blood Pressure Monitors.
• Activity Monitors.
• Heart Rate Monitors.
• Multi-parameter Monitors.
• Infusion Pumps



Personalized Internet Portal: Allowing the choice of a group of services for each partner.
Account Management: Access control for each type of user. For example, a doctor can only access data from his own patients.
Management of patient evolution: Creation of programs to monitor the evolution of patient conditions. These programs include the definition of thresholds to alert health care professionals. It can also add notes for each patient.
Appointment Management: Enables the health care professional to record the appointments for a patient.
Notification System: Includes a calendar to manage user’s schedule.
Continuous Monitoring System (Real Time Streaming) Remote monitoring using Multi-parameters monitors in real time.

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