Signove and Lifemed presents a new monitoring central system

November 9th 2016, Porto Alegre –  Signove and Lifemed presented in CBMI 2016 the first monitoring central system in Brazil with support for infusion pumps devices, the New Lifeview Central. During the three days of CBMI in Porto Alegre, the Lifeview was demonstrated working with the new family of infusion pumps SmartTouch from Lifemed and multiparameter monitor devices. This new Lifeview presents a new concept of usability for monitoring centrals.

From all New Lifeview features, we highlight its touch-based interface for better interaction between users and software; a access-control system for audit actions; and a new mobile configurator that helps the interaction between the operator and central system in the room.

The New Lifeview was developed with a modular architecture that will enables the addition of new features, such as its integration with the remote monitoring platform SigHealth through interoperability standards.


The commercialization of the New Lifeview is expected to start on the first semester of 2017.

About CBMI: CBMI is the Brazilian Congress of Intensive Medicine, which is the biggest event on intensive medicine in all Latin America. In 2016 it happened simultaneous with the XI CPIMCTI – Congreso Panamericano y Iberico de Medicina Critica y Terapia Intensiva and with the VIII CPIEI – Congreso Panamericano y Iberico de Enfermagem Intensiva.