Signove Tecnologia S/A


signove-localEstablished in 2009, Signove is a Brazilian software company focused on research and development on connected health technologies and on specialized R&D. Signove develops solutions for pervasive systems, cloud, mobile computing and embedded systems for companies all over the world.

With a competent team with masters and PhDs, Signove ensures a qualification level that meets international requirements, specializing in innovative R&D solutions with high complexity levels. Signove’s team has experience on developing solutions for big companies and also has an active participation on international forums, like Continua Health Alliance, Bluetooth SIG, UPnP Forum and Open Connectivity Foundation.

In 2013 Signove officially launches the first version of SigHealth, a platform that allows remote patient monitoring on the most diverse clinic conditions in a very flexible way. SigHealth was the first complete health data aggregator certified by Continua Health Alliance. In 2014, SigHealth was expanded to incorporate real time streaming of vital signs from clinical devices.

Signove + Lifemed

In 2015, Signove becomes part of Lifemed Group, a leader company on innovative solutions development for the medical segment in Brazil. Lifemed aims to enter the connected health domain with the partnership with Signove, showing its commitment with continuous innovation. Signove is now responsible for Lifemed’s projects and products on remote monitoring of patients, telemedicine and Home Care.

Lifemed is a 100% Brazilian Company, with more than 30 years of activity making medical equipment and resources, and is present on more than 1500 of the Brazilian major hospitals, public and private. It’s development was always targeted on creative and innovative initiatives, that resulted on company acquisitions, a lot of certifications and some awards on hospital and industrial fields.