The Signove Tecnologia S/A is a Brazilian software company that provides research and development services in the areas of pervasive computing and embedded systems. Since its founding in 2009, Signove ensures quality and world-class excellence, supported by customers and partners worldwide. As also, Signove is an active member of international forums, such as the Continua Health Alliance®, Open Connectivity Foundation® and Bluetooth® SIG.

Our R&D Services Include

Software development.

Architecture and Software Design.

Training and Consulting.

Rapid Prototyping and Proof of concept projects.

Services and Technologies for Connected Health

With experience in the participation of large projects in the health field connected, Signove developed its main product: the SigHealth platform. SigHealth provides a complete infrastructure to enable connected health, demonstrating the technical potential and innovation Signove in the areas of embedded systems and pervasive computing. We can offer you:
• Integration of our platform with new medical devices
• Data and Device integration for your service enabling the Internet of Things for health care
• Healthcare service customization based on SigHealth Platform.

Even with the focus on production and marketing of SigHealth platform, Signove maintains its portfolio of clients and partners in the research and development services.

Please contact us and we’ll find out together how Signove can bring differentiation and innovation for your products and business.